Delegate some tasks to others. If you need help organizing your office, hire a friend, family member, or even a professional organizer to help you get your office set up the way it should be.

Adjust lighting. Make your office bright enough to see your work well, but keep glare off of your computer screen.

Adjust air temperature. Since you can’t work well when you’re either too hot or too cold, set the temperature in your office to a comfortable level and maintain that temperature consistently.

Adjust sounds. Do whatever you can to reduce the amount of noise that comes into your office, since noise interferes with your ability to concentrate. If you work best in silence, keep your office as quiet as possible. If a particular style of music (such as jazz or classical) helps you focus, play it in the background while you’re working.

Organize your space to help you optimize your time. Make it as easy as possible to keep track of appointments so you don’t mess up your work schedule, and to find items so you don’t waste time looking for them.

Update your office’s technology. Buy a computer, printer, phone system, and other technology that will best help you do your work.

Handle email wisely. Don’t let your email pile up. Check it regularly and either: delete, respond right away, forward, or save for future reference in a labeled computer folder.

Maintain order. After you’ve gotten your office fully organized, keep it that way so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of an organized workspace. Create a maintenance system to help you stay organized while you work each day, preventing new clutter from accumulating in your office.

Adapted from Smart Office Organizing: Simple Strategies for Bringing Order to Your Workplace, copyright 2011 by Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims. Published by Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, Mich.,

Sandra Felton,The Organizer Lady, is a pioneer in the field of organizing. She is the founder and president of Messies Anonymous and the author of many books including Organizing Magic. Sandra lives in Florida. Visit her website at:

Marsha Simsis a national speaker who has taught seminars on time management and organization, managing the front desk, and projects and priorities. She has been a professional organizer for 15 years as the founder and president of her Miami-based company, Sort-It-Out, Inc. Visit her website at:

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