Once you have a network of 100-200 people, it’s amazing how easy it is to find someone who knows someone in a company where you’d like to work.

So, build your network.  You’ll be able to see your connections’ updates – promotions, new employers, and more. But stay in touch with some of your contacts via an occasional e-mail or phone call as well.  Find out the latest.  See if there are ways you could help them.

Keep Your Career Insurance in Force

When the job market gets tough, it’s the person who’s been taking the steps above that will make it, either with his or her current employer or another one.  It’s like holding an insurance policy on your career.

Of course, you could experience times of transition between employers, but those times will tend to be far shorter than average.  And if you’re following all 11 principles I’m covering in this series, you’ll be financially prepared to ride out those periods between jobs.

What other factors have helped you stay employable?

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