Explain to people what it means to believe in Christ for salvation. Make it clear to your coworkers that believing means trusting in Christ alone to save them – not Christ plus anything else (such as a good life, church attendance, baptism or other sacraments, or keeping God’s commandments).

Communicate the Gospel message clearly and completely. Take care to present the Gospel message clearly and in its entirety when you do reach the point of presenting it to people in the workplace, so they don’t get any mistaken impressions of it. Explain that: We are all sinners, the penalty for sin is death, Christ died to pay for humanity’s sins so they can connect with a holy God, Christ was buried, Christ rose again as proof of His victory over sin and death, and Christ was seen by many different people during the 40 days between His bodily resurrection and His ascension to heaven. Personalize the Gospel by telling each person with whom you talk that Christ died for him or her, and that he or she can be saved through faith in Christ.

Follow up with new converts. After coworkers come to Christ, try to meet with them regularly for about eight weeks to help them get established in their faith and start to grow spiritually. Encourage them to join a local church, get baptized, and develop daily habits of praying and reading and studying the Bible. Pray with them and for them. Invite them to join you for Bible studies or service projects.

Use your testimony as an evangelistic message. Take advantage of the opportunities that God gives you to tell the people you work with the story of how God has worked in your life so far. Prepare your personal testimony of faith in advance for when opportunities to tell it arise. Your testimony should clearly explain where you were spiritually before you came to Christ, how you came to Christ, and what difference Christ has made in your life today.

Adapted from Show Me How to Share Christ in the Workplace, copyright 2013 by R. Larry Moyer. Published by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich., www.kregel.com.

R. Larry Moyer (ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary; DMin., Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary) is founder and CEO of EvanTell Inc., a global evangelism ministry based in Dallas, Texas. He was awarded an honorary Doctor of Sacred Theology degree from Philadelphia Biblical University in 2001 and regularly speaks at evangelistic outreaches, training seminars, and in classrooms across the United States. Moyer is the author of several books, including Free and Clear, 21 Things God Never Said, 31 Days with the Master Fisherman, and Welcome to the Family (by EvanTell). Visit EvanTell’s website.

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Publication date: June 13, 2013