Guess what? If you’re not sure what you want to do in life, you’re not alone. But here’s the good news: You can change your mind, and with God’s help you can change careers at any age.

Vanessa trusted God to help her decide on her goals.

The Secret
Vanessa’s Story

I think my brother was born knowing that he wanted to be a teacher. And my little sister’s musical talents were obvious. She was working in musicals by the time she was five.

But not me. I’ve never known what I wanted to do.

My parents put me in class after class after class. I learned to twirl, to dance, to program computers. I’ve built stage sets and volunteered at the local library and hospital. I felt  like my parents were disappointed  in me, although they never said so. The only thing I was even remotely good at was art. I could draw just about anything, but that’s not really a career.

I began to get impatient and asked God if he was ever going to show me what I’m suppose to do—because I had no clue.

Then one day I went to an astronomy class at the local museum. I liked it okay. But I really liked the guy sitting next to me, Raymond. He was fun to be with, and every chance he got he was there studying the stars. So when they offered another class, I took it. My parents were so excited. They saw my eagerness to get to the class. They thought I’d found a career path I was passionate about, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. So they kept signing me up for more classes, and I just kept going.

I started helping Raymond by drawing some of his star maps. And then some of the museum’s staff asked me to help them create some posters. Then one day the staff asked me if I’d like to try and create a poster for their new exhibit. I did and they liked it enough to reproduce it.

Things just kept going along ...  I kept attending astronomy classes,

Raymond and I started dating, and other groups started asking me to create art for their projects. Everything was fine—until it came time to start looking at colleges. My parents wanted me to attend a college with a strong astronomy department. But I really didn’t want to go into astronomy; I just didn’t know how to tell them.

Then one day the marketing director of the museum came in to talk to me. She’d been admiring my art and asked me if I’d like to study art. She said that there were different degrees in art majors, and if I would like, she’d recommend me for a scholarship to the college she attended. I said yes, and she helped me fill out the paperwork.  

I didn’t tell my parents, but they did find out when the college sent the scholarship package. My dad brought it in and asked me to open it. Before I did, I told them my secret.

Their reaction stunned me. They gave me a family hug.  

They weren’t disappointed in me; they just were being supportive. If I didn’t want to study astronomy, that was okay.

I’m still not sure exactly what I want to do, but for now I’d like to study art. I know that God designed my talents and my gifts. He always surpasses our greatest expectations. God has started opening doors for me that are giving me even greater opportunities to demonstrate my talent. I’m not sure how God will use me and the talent he gave me for his work, but I know firsthand that his plan is always best.

Unlocking the Secret

God chose to reveal Vanessa’s plan for her in his own time, in ways that far exceeded her expectations. We often limit God to the one or two options we see. We think there is only “Plan A” or “Plan B,” but most of the time God has a “Plan C” that we’ve never thought of with an even greater plan and purpose for our lives.  

Sometimes young women know early on their passions and talents. As with Vanessa, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it takes awhile for a passion or talent to be recognized. You don’t need to worry about having it all figured out. This is a time to be open to opportunities that God puts into your life.