For most people what they thought they wanted to be or started out doing doesn’t look anything like what they end up doing. And if you are a person who is interested in growing—even if you do know what you want to do— hopefully it will evolve and change as you grow. The important thing is to trust God to help guide you to your goals.

For me, I never imagined I’d be a radio co-host. It wasn’t ever even on my screen. I always had two passions, well maybe three — art and psychology, and being a Christian.

So I attended a Christian university and set out to accomplish both. Growing up, I always enjoyed art and was a good listener who had a heart for people’s struggles. Eventually being a psychologist over an artist won out. So now I wear bright colors, do creative things at home, use art therapy with groups, and get to help people through Christian ministry over the airways or in my office one-on-one.

In high school, I could have never picked a career I love more. But one step at a time, and being open to what God can do, he combined the talents and desires he gave me into what I do today.  

Right now, you might be confused as to your goals. You might be eager to get out of school and start your career. But take some time to investigate your career options. 

Think about what you enjoy doing. What are you good at doing? Do you like computer programming? Playing video games? Someone has to create, design, build, oversee, market—everything. Maybe your skill is with people. Would you like to be an ambassador? A teacher? A hair stylist? A lawyer?

Maybe like Vanessa your hobby will become your career goal. Do you like to shop? Maybe your career is in fashion as a buyer or designer.

Take advantage of career and personality tests through your school. Talk with your parents and friends about your skills. They might be seeing a gift you haven’t noticed. Be open to a combination of things that may involve, not only career goals, but also family, relationship, and lifestyle goals.  

Ultimately, God’s plan involved Vanessa’s talents, gifts, and desires combined with his ultimate purpose for her life. God already knew the desires of her heart before she asked him for anything. He also took the time to prepare her for what he had in store for her to do.

At times, we might feel like Vanessa did—lacking the patience to see what God is going to do, so we begin to question him. But I believe that whatever route he takes us, we have to trust that he knows what is best for us. God is always behind the scenes working things out for us.  

Ask God to do his work in your life and to bless your endeavors.  Then as you see his plan for your life unfold, you will be amazed at the work he is accomplishing in you and through you.

As you seek him, God will reveal the best path for you. 

Ephesians 1:10–12 says, “His goal was to carry out his plan, when the right time came, that all things in heaven and on earth would be joined together in Christ as the head. In Christ we were chosen to be God’s people, because from the very beginning God had decided this in keeping with his plan. And he is the One who makes everything agree with what he decides and wants. We are the first people who hoped in Christ, and we were chosen so that we would bring praise to God’s glory.”

We can stick to God’s plan for our lives by

  • asking him to guide us,
  • praying for wisdom,
  • seeking him in all aspects of our lives,
  • acknowledging he has a plan and a purpose,
  • thanking him for what he has done for us,
  • talking to wise people, and
  • reading his Word 

No More Secrets

If your secret is that you have no idea what to do in life, you’re not alone. But God knows his plans for you. Let’s do some work in this area. Take a few minutes to answer the following questions, either here or in your private notebook.