Vision Rich, Cash Poor: Bring order to your life. Time is money. If you spend fifteen to twenty minutes looking for a particular item or piece of paper, think of the money that has been lost. Disorganization creates more stress, which drains a creative person of productivity. Grit your teeth and be ruthless. Throw away, or at least fi le papers, magazines, or other stuff that hasn’t been read or handled in six months. Think of every minute saved as money in your pocket. The compelling motive behind establishing order is increasing productivity and enhancing creativity.

Taken from If Nobody Loves You, Create the Demand by Joel Freeman. ©2007 by Authentic Publishing used with permission.

About the Author: Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D. Success/bussines coach to executives. Motivational consultant and mentor to pro athletes. Internationally sought ater corporate trainer, conference speaker, and workshop facilitator. Organizational culture-change specialist. Behavioral analyst. Professional counselor. Award-winning filmmaker. Motivated by curiosity. Devoted husband and father. Off key singer and extremely bad dancer.