Hundreds of years later, faithful followers were still applying this teaching — and in some cases going the extra mile. Ruth, a widow, was one of the benefactors of this mandate. To keep body and soul together, this young woman was gleaning grain from Boaz’s field. When Boaz learned of her desperate situation, he left more “money on the table” than God had commanded. He directed his servants to befriend her and share their water. He went even further by telling his workers, “Let her glean where there’s still plenty of grain on the ground — make it easy for her. Better yet, pull some of the good stuff out and leave it for her to glean. Give her special treatment” (Ruth 2:15-16, The Message).

So what was the outcome of this random act of kindness? Boaz pleased God. He got a trophy wife. And he fathered a son who became the grandfather of King David.

In the big picture of life, sometimes demanding less gets us more in the long run.

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