That theme holds true even in the New Testament when Paul speaks about the body of Christ and how it’s made up of many parts. Israel needed direction and Nehemiah delivered from a management perspective.

A Servant’s Heart

Most of all, Nehemiah led the entire project with a servant’s heart. While the phrase may seem cliché today, Nehemiah was literally a servant leader. As part of the king’s court, he was essentially the chief servant in charge of serving drinks to the king’s table. As the new governor of Judea, Nehemiah took the challenge and lead as a servant.

Unlike other governors, Nehemiah refused to collect taxes from the poor who had been burdened by famine and economic stress. He also refused to take any land as payment while governing Judah, showing the nation of Israel that his priorities weren’t self centered but outwardly focused.

Under the leadership of Nehemiah, the walls of the city of Jerusalem were rebuilt in 52 days. A task that had been left undone for 140 years was completed in just 52 days through the leadership of a former cupbearer who approached everything in prayer and careful planning.

How many times have you told yourself, “I’m just a [fill in the blank with your current job].” Nehemiah was just a cupbearer but God used him to do great things because he was willing to lead with integrity and with a servant’s heart.

Has God put a desire in your heart to make a difference in this world? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Publication date: February 19, 2013