10. Productivity: If you’re having trouble focusing and simply can’t seem to get any work done, try setting the timer on one of the devices you already own (your phone, computer or watch). Setting the timer allows you to create space for a specific task so you can eliminate distractions and dedicate time to one important project.

Next to Nothing: Here are a couple of tools that are not free, but they are low cost and have a free trial!

Scheduling Appointments: Time Trade: If you’ve ever spent three weeks and engaged in voice mail tag and a chain of emails just to get a date on the calendar, then you need to check out Time Trade.

Passwords: Do you have too many passwords to remember? Or worse – do you use the same obvious password for everything from Amazon to you online banking? Then check out 1 Password – a program for storing and creating unique and safe passwords so you never have to remember (or search for) a password again.

What are your favorite time saving tools? Share them with us here!

Theresa Ceniccola is a mother, writer and entrepreneur with a passion for connecting other Christian women and helping small business grow. As a marketing and PR professional, she launched TGC Communications, LLC in 1994 and has been working from home to serve clients and follow her passion while raising a family.  She is also co-founder of www.writetohealth.com, a guided journaling practice dedicated to helping people discover the health benefits of writing. You can connect with Theresa on her blog at www.theresaceniccola.com.

Publication date: July 11, 2012