Connection is Biblical. Jesus prayed to God that believers would John 17:21” Paul states that Ephesians 3:10 We are called to be 2 Corinthians 5:20-21 in the world by creating churches, workplaces and communities that have cultures of love and connection.

Time to Take Action

Cultures today desperately need rescuing.  This includes cultures in workplaces, in homes, in churches, in neighborhoods, in schools, and in nations. Consider the following statistics:

  • Disengaged Employees - In America, 70 percent of employees don't feel connected and are not engaged at work. They show up for the paycheck, but don’t give their best efforts; 
  • Loneliness - Across Western nations, physicians recognize an “epidemic of loneliness,” between 1985-2004, the number of Americans who had not discussed “important matters” with a friend over prior six months tripled to 25% of those surveyed.  The percent of Americans living alone soared from 10% 1950 to 27% in 2010.  A 2010 AARP survey found that 35 percent of adults older than 45 were chronically lonely as opposed to 20 percent a decade earlier;
  • Depression - Levels of depression today are 10X the levels of depression in 1960;
  • Substance Abuse - It has been estimated that although America has 4.5 percent of the world’s population, it consumes more than half of the world’s legal mood-altering drugs for anxiety and depression and two-thirds of the world’s illegal drugs;   
  • Sexual Addiction and Pornography – Six to eight percent of Americans are addicted to sex (National Council on Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity), Seventy percent of 18-34 year-old American men visit a porn site monthly, and the average adolescent American boy watches 50 pornographic videos each week.

From a human perspective these statistics can be overwhelming but let’s not forget that with God nothing is impossible.  God calls us to be a 1 Peter 2:9-10 who empowered with the Holy Spirit come together as the Church that saves the world from Dog-Eat-Dog Cultures and Cultures of Indifference. Will you commit to making a difference?  

Pankau and Stallard are co-authors of Fired Up or Burned Out: How to Reignite Your Team’s Passion, Creativity and Productivity (Thomas Nelson). Rev. Jason Pankau is president of Life Spring Network, a ministry that helps pastors and church leaders develop holistic, transformational, disciple-making communities, and he is the author of Beyond Self Help: The True Path to Harnessing God’s Wisdom, Realizing Life’s Potential and Living the Abundant Life (Xulon Press).  Michael Lee Stallard is president of E Pluribus Partners, a leadership training, consulting and coaching firm that helps leaders develop “Connection Cultures” that boost productivity, innovation and performance. 

Publication date: June 20, 2012