5. Hurtful remarks are a reminder to establish boundaries. As mothers we try to protect our children from every imaginable danger. One of the first things we do is remove our babies from an inherently hurtful situation – by buckling them in a highchair, putting safety plugs in the outlets and removing soft pillows from the crib. We know exactly how to establish safe boundaries for our little ones. And we have to do that for ourselves as well. We have to filter potentially hurtful comments to minimize our exposure. We have to set up systems to ensure that negative, hateful remarks are either vetted by an assistant first, or directed to a specific place that we can monitor later. I’m not saying we should ignore or avoid criticism. But it’s important to identify the time and place in which WE want to hear these remarks, rather than letting them invade our happiness at inopportune moments (like at my daughter’s volleyball game!).

Were these tips helpful to you? How do you deal with criticism? Share your experiences here with us!

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Publication date: December 6, 2012