Never allow a lender to rush you into signing. Always read documents before you sign them, and if you don't understand, don't sign.

You can protect yourself against losing your home to inappropriate lending practices. Here's how:


• Agree to a home equity loan if you don't have enough income to make the monthly payments.

• Sign any document you haven't read or any document that has blank spaces even if the lender suggests it's okay to do so.

• Let anyone pressure you into signing any document you do not understand.

• Agree to a loan that includes credit insurance or extras you don't want.

• Let the promise of extra cash or lower monthly payments get in the way of your good judgment.


• Ask specifically if credit insurance is required as a condition of the loan.

• Guard your home's equity fiercely. Once spent it will be difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

• Keep careful records of what you've paid. Challenge any charge you think is inaccurate.

• Check contractors' references and get more than one estimate.

• Read all items carefully. If you need an explanation of any terms or conditions, talk to someone you know and trust.

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