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Probabilities: What the Past Suggests About the Future

What the market's long-term average return makes clear is that time is on the side of the long-term investor. The longer you're willing to keep your money in the market, the greater the likelihood of success.

  • Austin Pryor with Joseph Slife |
  • July 28, 2010 |
  • comments
Recover from Financial Setbacks Well

If you're broke, don't despair. You may not have enough money in the bank, but you'll always have enough help from God to grow beyond the challenges you face.

Confronting Entitlement

We all go through hard times and need help in those moments. But there is a difference between going through a short term crisis in which we need help and just expecting others to pay our way through life so we can hang out with our friends.

Never Rush a Purchase

Have you ever made a quick decision that you later regretted? Almost all of us have done this to one degree or another.

Are Mortgage-Savings Programs a Good Idea?

My family recently moved and with our new mortgage came some new mortgage product offerings. One such offering is a mortgage-savings program. As I was reading over the letter, an unpeaceful, uneasy feeling started to creep up. Here are some highlights from my letter.

Survey: Living on Less, Christians Still Giving, Avoiding Debt

Even though three out of four families say their income has stayed the same or gone down, 98 percent said they still support their church regularly, according to the latest View from the Pew survey.

Paul's Advice to the Rich

Planning a Wonderful, Enjoyable, Affordable Wedding

Even with the recent recession prompting couples (and their families) to cut back, weddings in the U.S. currently have an average sticker price of $19,581. Should you - must you - pay this much?

The Easy Way to Teach Teens About Money

If you trust your teens with some amount of money and then allow them to make their own independent financial decisions on a level commensurate with their age and ability, you will address the five key motivators that influence kids.

Finance Q&A: Are Private Colleges Worth the Cost?

Our daughter's two college choices are private schools. We're thinking about telling her that she'll need to attend a public university, since it will be more affordable for us. Is this a good idea?

Homeowners Weigh Morality of Walking Out on Mortgages

Desperate homeowners like Lynn Thompson - whose property is worth $90,000 less than she purchased it for - have raised an ethical debate: Is it ever OK to walk away?

Retirement Cash Flow Strategies

Turning a portfolio of stocks and bonds into a stream of regular income can seem complicated. It doesn't need to be.

  • Scott Houser & Mark Biller |
  • June 28, 2010 |
  • comments
Is Bankruptcy Ever Okay for a Christian?

While bankruptcy's stigma has weakened in recent years, it is still an especially troubling topic for many Christians. What about the biblical admonition, "The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously" (Psalm 37:21)?

Ease Your Mind with These Surprising Travel Tips

Today, I have a couple of pre-emptive tips for those of you who will be traveling this summer. The first is for those who will be traveling abroad, and the second for travelers who plan to pay bills ahead before they leave town for an extended period of time.

Lessons from the Great Recession

God uses difficult economic circumstances to cause us to become more dependent upon Him, to be more reliant on His financial principles, and to reprioritize our lives.

Faith-Based Credit Unions: An Option for Christian Savers

Of the more than 9,000 state and federally chartered credit unions in the U.S., many are overtly Christian in their emphasis.

America: Going Out of Business?

As the economic viability of the European Union teeters on the brink of collapse, Americans are getting a close up look at what happens when “borrow and spend” becomes the national modus operandi.

Finance Q&A: Should I Buy a House?

I am a single parent with two teenagers. What kind of advice would you give for buying a home?

Live with Less to Enjoy More

Our culture constantly says that you need more in your life: a bigger house, a newer car, better clothes, more activities. But pursuing what truly matters requires living with less - not more - so you'll be free to grow closer to God and other people.

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