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Is Your Car Payment Holding You Back?

In order to live in financial freedom it's essential to avoid financing vehicles. Think it's impossible to cut out your car payment? It doesn't have to be...

When a Spender Marries a Saver

It's not just an old saying: When it comes to couples and money, opposites do attract.

Finance Q&A: Savings - Where Should You Start?

We all have good intentions to build up our savings. But if we don't have a written and stated purpose, oftentimes we never get started.

Are Annuities Right for You?

In light of the recent market volatility, variable annuities are being reintroduced to a broader audience. Pre-retirees and retirees are giving annuities a second look because of the tax-deferred features and income guarantees. Is an annuity right for you?

Cheap is Chic Again

There was a time when I lived and breathed to make sure no one ever thought I was cheap. After facing thousands of dollars of debt, I boldly adopted the lifestyle of a cheapskate.

Financial Follies of the Young

Here are two financial insights I wish someone had shared with me when I was younger.

What Do I Do With My Tax Refund?

It's that time of year when all that "free" money starts rolling in. But if you have debt, it is not mad money. It is an opportunity to pay what you owe...

How to Live Below Your Means

Your household is like a business. It is a healthy company that ends the year not just breaking even, but with money in the bank.

Get the Most Money Selling Your House

A clean neat house will sell easier and can add an additional $5,000- $10,000 to your asking price. Using this method we sold our house in 10 days.

Avoiding the Bernie Madoffs of the Financial Industry

Since most of us don't have the time or inclination to learn the minutia of investing, it's important to have someone you can trust help you navigate the waters. But how do you avoid running into Bernie Madoff's first cousin?

Credit Card Culture: Incentivizing Greed

As a nation and as individuals, we’ve gotten to the point where we can hardly conceive of living life without access to an endless line of credit. The Credit CARD Act changes all that.

Find the Best Interest Rates on Savings Accounts

Somewhere between dismal and no-way-no-how are a few precious organizations that are offering higher rates without a lot of restrictions, conditions or fees.

Finance Q&A: When Should I Start Collecting Social Security?

Are there benefits to receiving your Social Security checks early, or should those closing in on retirement wait? Expert Deborah Nayrocker answers.

  • Deborah Nayrocker |
  • February 22, 2010 |
  • comments
Planning for Fewer Financial Fights with Your Spouse

Money is a well-known source of conflict among married couples but new research shows that the use of a simple-though-unpopular financial tool may help dial down their financial fights.

Popular Money Advice You Shouldn't Take

Some financial advice sounds good on paper but can end up costing you more when put into practice.

Make Your Life Rich without Money

It turns out that the old adage is true - the best things in life are free. Here's how you can make your life rich without money.

How to Take Advantage of an IRS Loophole

It's not often that the IRS offers tax-paying U.S. citizens a gift, but that's what we get when the IRS allows us to defer taxes on the money we contribute to qualified retirement accounts...

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