Simply put, we should search for opportunities to share our wealth. This goes against human nature. Studies indicate that as people get richer and richer, they tend to give less and less. Instead, wealthy Christians ought to be the best tippers, the first to grab the check when they’re with less affluent friends and the most compassionate with those who are in true need. But lest we still feel guilty for having wealth, note the little phrase in the text above: “Who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” The fact is, God wants us to enjoy the blessings he gives us. Whether it’s financial wealth, a good mind or a strong body, part of the reason we have the blessing is to enjoy it ourselves! That’s pretty cool isn’t it? God is no killjoy. He is abundant. He gives freely and smiles broadly when his kids enjoy his stuff. He just wants us to play nice in the sandbox—and share. Sound familiar?

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