In order to facilitate this hobby, I first started reselling their clothes on eBay. Then a friend and I started a name-brand only, semi-annual children’s consignment sale called Ever After Resale ( We have many consignors who sell their gently used children’s clothing at our sales. Doing this allows us to sell our own children’s clothing and also to earn money for our family in a way that we enjoy.

What is your hobby? The possibilities of turning that into something that will support itself and perhaps even provide a little extra income are endless! There is a lady in our neighborhood who loves gardening. She starts a large number of plants in her greenhouse and sells them at plant sales that she holds in her driveway. Another friend has become an expert on specialty yarn and sells yarn to people all over the country using Etsy and eBay.

Near Christmas, my oldest three girls place sprigs of mistletoe (tied together with bright ribbon) in ziplock sandwich bags. I accompany them as they go door to door selling them to earn money for buying Christmas presents. My entrepreneurial blood must have been passed down to them, because even in the worst weather, they beg to be able to go to just one more door!

Christy and her husband Nathan are both second-generation homeschoolers. They live with their five children in Eugene, Oregon. Christy is co-owner of Ever After Resale (www.everafterresale.com2), a bi-annual, name-brand, children’s consignment sale held in both Portland and Eugene, Oregon.

Copyright, 2011. Used with permission. All rights reserved by author. Originally appeared in The Old Schoolhouse®Magazine, Summer 2011.

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