5. Be disciplined in staying within your agreed upon limits. The reason you need to closely monitor your spending is so you will know if you're on target or whether mid-course adjustments are needed. This gives you a certain degree of flexibility. If you go over in one area, you can cut back in another. For example, an unexpected dental bill of $200 may have to come out of your "recreation" envelope if the "medical" envelope is already empty. Or, you might prefer to take $20 out of ten different envelopes to spread the shortfall around and lessen the impact on any one category.

6. Be mutually supportive. Susie was great! She wasn't critical or complaining in any way. In fact, she continually reminded me that God was our source of supply, and we would just need to do the best we could while waiting on Him to send a solution. Her positive attitude was a tremendous encouragement to me as we "tightened our belt." It was key to have her cooperation. If you and your spouse aren't of one mind as to the importance of developing and living out this kind of lifestyle, conflicts will arise frequently.

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