Don’t despise small beginnings. Learning contentment, especially when it comes to material possessions, will help you and your future spouse maintain a healthy marriage. Financial issues like overspending, lack of savings and excessive debt cause too many marriage breakdowns.

  • Agree to live within your means – that implies having a written plan and sticking to it. Use a free on line budgeting app to help you manage your budget real time.
  • Know each other’s money personalities and understand how those can impact your marriage
  • Instead of spending lots of money on entertainment, buy board games and enjoy quality one on one time.

 “Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man’s dwelling, but a foolish man devours it.” -Proverbs 21:20

Last but not least, establish a habit of saving, which means spend less than you make on consistent basis and save the reminder, however small it may be.

Young couples face constant financial pressure. Decisions are often made without guidance or full understanding. The good news is that God’s Word is full of clear, practical wisdom for anyone who is willing to listen. The Book of Proverbs alone is a great source of financial advice, which if applied, will provide every young couple with a solid financial foundation upon which to build and thrive.

Megan is one of the new additions to the Finicity (provider of Mvelopes and Money4Life Coaching) team. She comes with over 13 years of experience in the Biblical Finances area. Her content has been published by Money Matters, Do Well and Lifeway's More than Living. She is a mom of two young boys, and lives with her husband David in the Atlanta area.

Publication date: June 19, 2013