Remember, buying a house is usually the largest purchase you will ever make. If you use a mortgage to finance that purchase, it pays to be mortgage smart and know what you’re getting into. It will save you tons of money and potential stress in the long run, guaranteed!

Ever taken out a mortgage you regretted later? Leave a comment and tell me about your experience.

Article originally published on Celebrating Financial Freedom. Used with permission.

Dr. Jason Cabler is a Christian personal finance blogger, author, and speaker. He teaches how to get out of debt and live a debt free lifestyle through his Celebrating Financial Freedom blog and self study course. His book How to Budget: The Quick and Easy Guide to Making a Budget That Works is now available (more info here). He can be reached for interviews or speaking engagements by email, and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

Publication date: July 17, 2013