Other Easy Approval Credit You Might Want To Consider (No Deposit Required)

  • Fingerhut
  • Target (the easiest option here is to apply in the store during checkout)
  • Amazon.com
    ***  Additional sources of fairly easy retail credit accounts are department stores and gas stations.

One More Way To Get Even More Points Added To Your Score

We found a local credit union near Daytona Beach that would gladly make secured loans to our clients. They provided an option for an individual to deposit as little as $300 in a savings account and then use those funds as collateral for an installment loan. You should be able to find a community bank or credit union in your own city that will provide this arrangement. If you establish three secured credit cards and one installment loan, you will be very well positioned to dramatically improve your credit score.


Secured credit cards represent an excellent means of rebuilding damaged credit or simply a way to establish credit for the first time. The primary 'downside' of these cards is higher fees; but they do represent an attractive option for those needing to establish or rebuild credit quickly.

If you have used secured credit cards to rebuild your own credit, or if you have your own idea or strategy to pass along, please use the comments section below and we can start a conversation.

This article appeared originally on ChristianMoney.com. Used with permission.

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Publication date: July 10, 2013