Golf clubs are a bargain this month along with canned goods (retailers want you to stock up for the long winter ahead), scooters, bikes and ... houses. Home sellers who were unsuccessful in selling during the summer are anxious to move before Christmas. They are more likely this month to listen to your ridiculously low offer.


This is the big candy month of the year. Stock up for all your holidays. And it may be a good time to buy a new car—if you must. In October salespeople are getting nervous about meeting or beating year-end quotas.


Turkeys are priced dirt cheap from now through Christmas. So are cranberries. Stock the freezer because a turkey that remains frozen is good for at least a year. And while you’re at it stock up on baking supplies at rock bottom prices. Blankets, comforters and winter wear will also be deeply discounted to boost retailers’ holiday cash-flow.


It used to be you had to wait until after Christmas for the sales. But in today’s market, everything you can imagine from toys to computers, shoes to perfume, crystal to party foods, cell phones and baby furniture are on sale in hopes of boosting holiday retail sales.


Except in the case of a dire emergency — I can’t actually think of one right now, perhaps you can — there is no reason to pay retail. But that assumes you have the financial maturity to delay gratification and wait until you find that item for less. And it is in that period of waiting that something may happen to help you save even more.

You may change your mind and decide you don’t need it after all. Or more likely, you’ll forget that you "needed" it in the first place.

And if you don’t, you’ll know you exercised great financial wisdom in making yourself wait until you found the best price and the most value.

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