Are you one of those people who know what you should be doing in your life, but you just don’t do it? I think we’re all like that with one thing or another. We all know we should exercise and eat right. We all know we should volunteer and give more. We all know we should spend less than we make and that being in debt is not the best use of our money, but how many of us really take control of these things consistently as a part of our daily lifestyle?

Most of us don’t, especially when it comes to those smart financial things we know we should be doing, like eliminating debt and learning to live a debt free life. I mean think about it, how many of us really believe being in debt is better than being out of debt?

Almost nobody.

So what holds most of us back from making the consistent effort to take better control of our finances and do what we ultimately know is best for us financially? Here are some common excuses why, and how they can be overcome:

"I Don’t Know How"

Ok, I get it. Most of us aren’t really taught that much about money and personal finance in our younger years, and so we go with what everybody else does. We get a car payment, we get credit cards, we finance our stuff because it’s so easy to do.

But most of us know intellectually that the easiest way to do something is rarely the best way.  \We know in our mind what’s right, but it’s not ingrained into our mindset, so our actions don’t follow.

“Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to your herds.”Proverbs 27:23

Solution: Get educated about your money. There are tons of books out there that will teach you everything you need to know and get you motivated to manage your money in the best way possible. I recommend those that teach becoming debt free (Anything by Dave Ramsey or Larry Burkett). I also recommend Robert Kiyosaki’s first two books (Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Cashflow Quadrant). Although Kiyosaki doesn’t teach total freedom from debt, there are a lot of great concepts in those books that will really change the way you look at money. All three of these authors have had a huge influence on how I view money and debt. Of course, My own CFF course is available as well.

"I’m Afraid"

There are many reasons why sometimes we’re afraid to do what we know is best for us. So many people don’t want to change their habits because they’re comfortable, and change is uncomfortable. We are afraid because we don’t want to be perceived as different. We don’t want to be made fun of or feel uncomfortable because we might have to make a sacrifice that people may notice and make a comment about. We’re afraid of change because it’s an unknown, we don’t know for sure how it will work out.

You might even fail. Then where will you be?

Solution: You have to overcome that fear by staring it in the face. There are there are several things you can do that will help you do that. First, you get around people that will support you in your change. Not everybody needs to know what you’re doing because not everybody will be supportive. Only let those people know who will give you the emotional support you need. Negative people who don’t believe in your goals are like poison, so be careful what you share with whom. If possible, the best people around that can lend you support are the ones who’ve already done what you’re trying to do and have succeeded.