So if you know someone who has successfully gotten out of debt or is well on their way, enlist their support. Most of the time they will be willing to help. And remember, going against the grain and not being like everyone else has its benefits.

Normal people are in debt and will never get out.

Abnormal is a good place to be.

“The plan of the diligent leads surely to plenty, but those who are hasty surely to poverty”Proverbs 21:5

"I’m Just Not Motivated Enough"

Ok, Ok, What does it take? Do you have to file bankruptcy, have your car repo’ed, or lose your home to finally get motivated enough to stop wasting your money being in debt? That’s kind of like waiting ‘till you have a heart attack before you decide to quit smoking. At that point, recovery is a much more difficult road.

Solution: You have to get mad!  You have to get fed up with the fact that you’re paying  20-30% more for your car because you financed it. You have to get angry with all the extra money that could be in your pocket but instead goes to the credit card company because you carry a balance. You have to get psycho because the stress of all the debt you have is sapping so much of the joy out of your life. You have to grow up, get a backbone and decided that you will no longer tolerate it and you will do something about it.

That’s what it takes.

Yes, getting out of debt involves some amount of work and discipline, but I’ve never met anyone who took on that challenge and succeeded that regretted doing it. It’s absolutely worth it and will make your life better.

I’ve also met many people who have been perpetually in debt for decades, who said they always knew they should get out of debt, but never did. They express regret over years of stress, wasted money, and wasted time. They regretted not doing what they knew was best for them because they just never took that step. Don’t end up regretting in your later years the way you’ve lived your financial life.

Do something about it now.

Overcome the excuses.

You can do it.

My wife and I did and I’ve seen many others do it too. Your life will never be the same!

Article originally published on Celebrating Financial Freedom. Used with permission.

Dr. Jason Cabler is a Christian personal finance blogger, author, and speaker. He teaches how to get out of debt and live a debt free lifestyle through his Celebrating Financial Freedom blog and self study course. His book How to Budget: The Quick and Easy Guide to Making a Budget That Works is now available (more info here). He can be reached for interviews or speaking engagements by email, and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

Publication date: August 28, 2013