When we give, we become less selfish. When we are less selfish, we become free.

Saving money

Saving money must be done for provisional purposes. "In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil, but a foolish man devours all he has" (Proverbs 21:20 - NIV). Wise people don’t spend everything they make. Here are some benefits to saving money:

1. You feel less pressure to earn.

2. You feel good about the way God is developing your character.

3. You can respond to giving opportunities.

God wants us to manage what we receive from Him. Earthly riches are God’s blessings and can be the source of great joy, but we need to be very careful that this does not become the source of our hope. For some, saving is tricky because it can lead us to have a hoarding mentality or other negative attitude regarding saving money:

1. saving money as a measure of success

2. feelings of security from wealth

3. love of money

4. personal esteem and self-worth

Notice how the three things you can do with money (spending, saving, and sharing) all interact with one another. It all starts with limiting your lifestyle and spending less than you make -- allowing you to both share and save. Doing so will bring you much closer to discovering your new financial world. And you won’t have to sail halfway around the world to do it.

Steve Scalici is the Vice President of Treasure Coast Financial, a financial planning firm in Stuart, FL. He is co-host of God's Money which can be heard weekdays at www.oneplace.com. He can also be reached at his website www.tcfin.com.