Faithful readers know that I, your humble editor, am a bit of a website name-dropper. I give you site addresses and various resources from time to time. As a result these resources are scattered over nearly 15-years and 176 issues of this newsletter.

By popular request I will attempt to list for you my top favorites realizing that to make this complete would use up far more space than available. Consider these the high spots.

Coffee Beans. Yes, I roast my own coffee. I’m hooked, and not only because it’s a very cheap way to drink high-quality fresh coffee. It’s a great hobby. I buy all of my green coffee beans at All I know about roasting coffee, however, I learned in the online library at

Grocery Ad Site. While there are several sites I use to keep my grocery bill in check, is my newest favorite way to research and compare one store’s weekly ad against another. While registration is required, this is a free site and covers the entire country. I understand they will be adding Trader Joes and Whole Foods to their line-up in the near future. I can’t figure out how they do it, but I don’t really have to know. All that matters is that I can go to the site any time and know I’ll find an accurate list of all the items on sale at the grocery stores and supermarkets where I shop.

Grocery Coupon Site. Many sites are listing grocery coupons these days, but none can beat (also see the book Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom; DPL Bookstore), a free site that offers a searchable index for all of the manufacturer coupons that come in the

Sunday newspaper and a plethora of online printable coupons as well.

This is where you will find the Virtual Coupon Organizer, an interactive database listing all of the grocery coupons that have come out in the Sunday newspaper and have not yet expired.

Fabric stores. Only dyed-in-the-world fabric lovers will understand why we need to know where to get the good stuff at the best prices. gives access to the world’s largest fabric store located in Paducah, Kentucky. Prices are typically discounted but wait for the sales if you can. Prices are quoted for 1/2 yard; every sewing and quilting notion known to quiltdom. Customer service is excellent. 

Discounted prices, amazing sales, impeccable customer service and a very generous return policy (even on cut goods) are standard practices at my next favorite fabric store,

If you are looking for a specific fabric or just like the idea of visiting every quilt store in the country (well, almost) will connect you to 163 of the country’s best. With a single search you’ll get the results from all the shops. Add the word "sale" to your search to find the best deals.

Online Shoe Store. If you’ve never visited, hang onto your sneakers. Boasting more than a million pairs of shoes in its warehouse, if Zappos doesn’t have what you need, no one will. And here is the best part: No shipping costs to receive your order, and no shipping costs to return it. You can order multiple pairs of shoes—even the same shoe in several sizes—just to try them on. You can return all of them too. Print a return postage-paid label from the website and send them back. Zappos boasts a 365-day-no-questions-asked return policy.

Shopping Site. I used to drive from one store to another comparing sale prices. Now I save the gas by logging on to where I can shop and compare prices at all of the stores within the number of miles from my home that I designate—stores like Best Buy, Circuit City, Walgreens, Sears, Wal-Mart and on and on.