3. Ask lots of questions. When your doctor tells you to come back in 3 weeks, 6 months, or a year, ask, “Why?”  “A phone call may be suffice,” says Arthur Garson Jr., MD, Dean and Vice President of the University of Virginia School of Medicine and author of Health Care Half Truths:  Too Many Myths, Not Enough Reality.  When a specialist orders a test, like an MRI or an x-ray, ask your primary care physician if it’s necessary.  Seventeen percent of US adults say their doctors have ordered duplicate medical tests according to a survey by the Commonwealth Fund, a nonpartisan health care foundation in New York City.  If you’re going to get a second opinion, see if you can sign out your x-rays or MRI scans from your doctor and bring them with you. 

Of course, never do anything that jeopardizes the health care you need.  But always be a thoughtful and vigilant buyer of health care services.

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