4. Our faith. This current crisis may represent the greatest opportunity we have ever had to share our faith with others. Many people are realizing that their playbook isn’t working. They’re thinking maybe it’s a good time to try something different. When you find your security in money, it will disappoint you. More people are realizing that now than ever before. 

I am reminded of the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea in Palestine. The Sea of Galilee is fresh and fruitful. However the Dead Sea cannot sustain life. It is bitter and barren.

Why the difference? They are alike in almost every way but one. The Sea of Galilee both gives and takes. The Dead Sea, on the other hand, has no outlet, so it only takes in. 

We have a choice, we can either be like the Sea of Galilee, which has a continual flow of give and take, and can support other lives. Or, we can be like the Dead Sea and continue to harbor what we have, but never sustain others. 

We may say all the right things and have the God-language down. We may sound very compassionate and very holy. But our true self is displayed not by our words or even our intentions. Our true self is displayed by our actions. Wouldn’t it be great if the downturn of 2008 would result in hundreds of thousands, even millions of people coming to know Christ? 

We can be a part of this, if we chose to live generously; even in these tough economic times.

Published April 17, 2009.

Steve Scalici, CFP®
is the Senior Vice President of Treasure Coast Financial, located in South Florida. Steve is available to speak to your church or organization.  You can contact Steve at steve@tcfin.com or 772-600-1053.  Steve is a registered representative of INVEST Financial Corporation.  The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of INVEST Financial Corporation.