Most husband-wife disagreements about spending money are not so much a financial problem as a spiritual issue. The rule of thumb for Christians should always be: Seek God's guidance in how He intends your family to use your finances.

This discovery will happen best in the context of a healthy marriage:

• Mutual respect

• Good communication

• Spiritual unity

As you map out your financial plan, look at the following statements as examples of the types of things to include:

• We are both committed to God's way of handling our finances and possessions.

• We covenant together to never make a major purchase (negotiate "major") without first discussing, praying and being in agreement.

• We will make a simple and flexible budget that will help us project and monitor expenses.

• We pledge to celebrate each step and to thank God for His help and guidance.

When it comes to making financial decisions (or any decisions for that matter), remember that all decisions must be made together. Keep in mind Maralyn’s rule of "two yeses or one no." It actually makes your decision-making easier and it could even save your marriage.

Steve Scalici is a Certified Financial PlannerTM with Treasure Coast Financial. He is co-host of God’s Money, which can be heard on the internet at You can contact Steve at