Lasting behavioral changes begin with internal changes — changes in how you think and what you believe — so that's where we're going to start. For a financial book, this is an uncommon approach. But I assume you're interested in uncommon results. Not just the appearance of success or short-term success, but true and lasting success. Not just financial peace, but financial joy.

The process you are about to learn has enabled many of the people I've worked with over the past eighteen years to achieve their financial goals, such as getting and staying out of debt or building savings. For others, it has meant learning how to use money in a way that brings greater meaning and fulfillment. For most, it has meant some of both.

Much of what follows will feel countercultural because it contradicts many of the messages that surround us — messages that more often than not hurt our finances and hinder our happiness. But it won't feel counterintuitive because this book is about getting reacquainted with some of your deepest desires and allowing them to guide you toward home, toward the most effective, joyful use of money.

Money, Purpose, Joy: The Proven Path to Uncommon Financial Success
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