Here are a few simple steps to help you through the process:

1. Send a letter to the credit bureaus giving notification of death and request that the deceased person’s credit file be suppressed. This will lock down the deceased persons file so that no further credit can be obtained in their name.

2. Notify all creditors of the person’s death by sending them a copy of the death certificate.

3. Cancel their driver’s license and any other group membership or affiliation that offers an identification card.

4. Be cautious about how much information is shared in public announcements (e.g., obituaries, etc.).

5. Think twice before closing any joint accounts. While removing the deceased’s name should have no impact on your credit score, but it will reduce or eliminate the amount of available credit for the survivor.


Credit is a wonderful tool! But please remember that only by first considering all of its potential costs are you fully prepared to finish well!

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Publication date: April 14, 2014