“I’d give like that too if I had a lot of money”

I remember having a cynical attitude and thinking “of course if I made a bunch of money I could give a bunch” – but that really isn’t true. God looks for people who are faithful in a small thing, that He can trust with big things. The key is to prove ourselves faithful with what we have been given, so that we can do a lot more.

And just for a real-world example, I remember hearing about a woman who never made more than minimum wage who ended up leaving $3 Million to a charity when she died.

Obstacles Will Come

While this is my plan, I know full well that challenges will come and that it will not be easy. I also understand that being the simple guy that I am that I can’t pull it off in my own power, but I serve the same Lord who fed thousands from a few loaves and fish. God knows my heart and my desire and I am fully expecting that as I manage my talents wisely He is going to bring it to pass… for His glory.

is the Founder of Christian Personal Finance, a free resource to help Christians manage their money using timeless Biblical principles. He is also the Co-Founder of Blogging Your Passion.

Publication date: November 5, 2012