It would be a mistake to abandon my measured steady-as-you-go schedule and follow a more aggressive one designed for younger men. I'd only wind up hurting myself.

6. …expect a few rainy days. We'll be there for two weeks, so it's only natural to expect a summer shower or two during that time. Even if a heavy thunderstorm shows up, we don't abandon our plans and pack for home.

We knew ahead of time this might happen and had a back-up strategy for weathering the storm — that's why we take the video and board games along. We're committed for the entire two weeks! Nor do we despair that the storm is going to lead to another Great Flood. Instead, we settle in, enjoy playing the games, and look forward to the next sunny day.

Whoops, looks like my time's up for now. If you want more of these profound investing insights, you'll have to make your own trip to the beach. You might be surprised at the lessons awaiting you there.

Now, where's that list? Ah, here it is: Write editorial for June issue. Check. 

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