Day 23 – Ditch dishonesty: Ask God to help you live with integrity. Reject all forms of dishonesty, such as lying about your child’s age in order to get a discount, making personal long-distance calls from work, stealing office supplies, or cheating on your tax return.

Day 24: Watch wastefulness: Cut out waste from all areas of your life, such as by finishing all the food in your refrigerator before it goes bad and using both sides of paper before discarding it. Be as frugal as you can so you’ll have more money to share with others.

Day 25: Improve your image: Recognize that the image you present of yourself to the world really does matter. Do your best to look and act professionally.

Day 26: Put off procrastination: Decide to act on your ideas now rather than waiting any longer. Reject fear, make some progress right away, and trust God to help you reach your goals.

Day 27: Profit from your passion: Stop wasting time working in a field that doesn’t ignite your passion. Don’t be afraid to make job changes so you can work at something you’re truly passionate about. Realize that what’s most important is to do the work God calls you to do – and that when you do so, He will make sure you’re earning an adequate income from your efforts.

Day 28: Face the facts with faith: Never allow the facts of your current circumstances to overshadow your faith that God can help you overcome your circumstances. Despite the harsh realities of your financial situation right now, believe that God can and will help you achieve a better financial future. Don’t be afraid to pray for divine intervention whenever and however you need it.

Day 29: Seek support: Find at least one family member or friend who can give you guidance, encouragement, and accountability as you continue to improve your money management. Consider help from a credit counseling agency, too, if necessary. Always be alert to the Holy Spirit speaking to you, and listen well to discern God’s ongoing guidance.

Day 30: Cultivate contentment: Ask God to help you be content with what you have, no matter what your current circumstances. Develop gratefulness that leads to contentment by making time regularly to thank God for your blessings. Focus more on relationships and less on stuff.

Adapted from 30 Days to Taming Your Finances: What to Do (and Not Do) to Better Manage Your Money, copyright 2006 by Deborah Smith Pegues. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Or.,

Deborah Smith Pegues is an experienced certified public accountant, a Bible teacher, a speaker, a certified behavioral consultant specializing in understanding personality temperaments, and the author of 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue. She and her husband, Darnell, have been married more than 27 years and make their home in California.