If you are reading this and thinking that you too have sold your financial freedom for a Kit Kat bar, I want to encourage you that it is not too late.  When we look at our physical bodies and find we’ve eaten too many chocolate bars we go on a diet.  Decide today that you’re going to go on a financial diet.  When we diet we consume fewer calories than we expend.  The same is true with a financial diet; you have to spend fewer dollars than you earn.  You also have to exercise, and in this case, you may need to exercise restraint from impulse purchases.  The good news is, you can get out of debt, but it takes hard work and the long term decision to change your financial lifestyle.  Start today.

Steve Scalici is a Certified Financial PlannerTM with Treasure Coast Financial. He is co-host of God’s Money, which can be heard on the internet at  www.oneplace.com . You can contact Steve at  steve@tcfin.com .