The converse is also true. I could share a number of stories with you of people whom I’ve known who were very smart business leaders yet still got themselves into terrible debt troubles.

Once again, the devil uses this lie to destroy us. As long as he can keep us believing that we are somehow mentally inferior to others — we stay in bondage to debt. But anyone with enough grey matter between his ears to crawl out of bed, brush his teeth, and drive to work also has enough smarts to get out of debt. It’s a matter of learning the basic (pronounced, simple) strategies — and then determining that you’re sick and tired of business as usual.

Steve Diggs presents the No Debt No Sweat! Christian Money Management Seminar at churches and other venues nationwide. Visit Steve on the Web at or call 615-834-3063. The author of several books, today Steve serves as a minister for the Antioch Church of Christ in Nashville. For 25 years he was President of the Franklin Group, Inc. Steve and Bonnie have four children whom they have home schooled. The family lives in Brentwood, Tennessee.

A complete financial compendium, 19 chapters
• What you can do today to get out of debt and kill the Debt Monster
• A,B,C's of handling your money God's way
• How to save, invest, and retire wisely
• How mutual funds work
• How to stop fighting over money
• What to teach your kids about money
• Learn how home & car buying, college financing and insurance work.
• How to develop a budget that works -- forever!
• Features simple charts, graphs, and easy-to-use forms.

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