Can you believe that summer is already here? What do you have planned for the next 2 ½ months? Swim dates, family vacations, 4th of July festivities and more? As much as you have planned, and as much as your kids are looking forward to summer, you know there will come a time when you hear your child say, "Mom, I'm bored, what can I do?"
Laurel Springs School offers you 101 ideas to keep their minds and bodies busy. Kids can choose any activity they are interested in and complete them in any order they like (your children might enjoy checking them off as they complete them). Some items require parental permission but others are suitable for kids to complete on their own. Many can be done with the entire family.
Take a moment to review the list. Then print it out and give it to your children when they start complaining of boredom. With these 101 suggestions, you may just escape the "I'm bored" doldrums this summer.

1. Have an old fashioned weenie roast—and make your own condiments. There are over 100 recipes for mustard in the below links:
2. Interview your grandparents. They're interesting people! Find out what games they played when they were young, what their parents were like (your great-grandparents), what kind of clothes they wore, etc. If you can, record the interview. You'll be glad you did.
3. Learn a new talent. What do you really wish you could do? Talk to your parents about it—they can help you achieve your goals.
4. Do yard work for an elderly neighbor. It will make you feel good and your neighbor will really appreciate it.
5. Give yourself, your friend, or your Mom a pedicure. Your Mom may even take you to get some new polish! Try some fun colors like bright yellow, lime green or sky blue.
6. Make handmade gifts and cards for upcoming special events/occasions. If none are looming, make some up! Your cat's birthday, perhaps?
7. Learn about musicals. Watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, West Side Story and Fiddler on the Roof. Note how modern music has incorporated musical lyrics from these productions. Discuss how these musicals would be different if made today. These are FUN musicals—you will enjoy them.
8. Read The Little Prince. This is a phenomenal piece of literature with multiple layers, and it's a short read. Discover why it has been translated into more than 180 languages and why it has sold more than 80 million copies making it one of the best-selling books ever.
9. Walk around your block and pick up all the litter you can find. Take a trash bag... or two...

10. Lie outside at night and watch the sky for shooting stars. Find out why shooting stars aren't really stars at all.

11. With your parent's permission, redecorate and rearrange your bedroom. You can get Oops paint for as little as a dollar a gallon at your local paint/hardware store.

12. Learn the alphabet in sign language.
13. Spend one afternoon of quality time with each individual person in your family. Have a tea party with your little sister, play cards with you brother, and hang out with your Dad. Enjoy those that you love.

14. Plant an herb garden. Talk to your Mom about what herbs she likes to cook with. Then eventually, snip some herbs and make a recipe with her.

15. Turn into an expert. Pick a topic you're really interested in and research it online. Better yet, pick one subject per week. You'll be impressed with all you've learned by the end of the summer.

16. Read Summer of My German Soldier, by Bette Greene and watch the video starring Kristi McNichol and Bruce Davidson. You can find the movie on YouTube.

17. Check out your local paper to discover any neighborhood, free-admission activities. Lots will be going on in your community and you don't want to miss a thing.

18. Get up at dawn and appreciate the coolness and peaceful feeling of the early morning. Compare it to the sweltering afternoon.

19. With your family, float down a slow river on an inner tube. Or maybe, not so slow of a river—tubing is a blast!

20. Play badminton. It's a fun game. Compare it to ping pong and tennis. Just because you're good at one doesn't mean you're good at the others. Why is that?

21. Learn about bats, why they are important and why they are beneficial. You can even build a bat house.

22. Have a piñata party. Make your own.

23. Have a pajama day. Stay in your pajamas all day long. But don't make this a habit!

24. Attend your sibling's game and REALLY root for him/her.

25. Bake a cake and then decorate it. There are a number of cake decorating shows on television--watch a few and then see what you can do. Have fun with it.