26. Get ahead! Enroll in Laurel Springs summer school program.

27. Get together with friends and play some childhood games like "Sorry", "Candyland" and "Operation".

28. Give your dog a bath, play ball with him, and take him for a walk. Spoil him for a day.

29. Make dinner for your family.

30. Make a scrapbook of your summer activities.

31. With your parent's permission, get a job or an internship.

32. Learn to sew, embroider or crochet. Maybe your grandmother can teach you.

33. Every day, look up and learn 2 new words
from the dictionary.

34. Learn to play chess. Chess is Fun.

35. Have a neighborhood outdoor game day. Revisit 4-square, Red Rover Red Rover, Duck Duck Goose, Mother May I and Hide and Go Seek.

36. Attend a first aid class. You never know when this knowledge will come in handy.

37. Research your family tree. Maybe your parents and grandparents can help. http://www.kidsturncentral.com/topics/hobbies/kidsgenealogy.htm

38. Choose a day—or two—and perform random acts of kindness. See how others respond. It's very rewarding.

39. Talk to your parents about what you'd like to learn next year in your homeschool program. Chances are your parents are looking at curriculums now—so now is the time to speak up!

40. Find a mentor. Want to learn a specific skill or knowledge. See if someone in the community can be your mentor. This can be a family member, family friend, or someone you don't even know yet.

41. Finger paint!

42. Celebrate National Fudge Day and National Eat Your Vegetables Day
. Read the June 11 Daily News at Homeschool.com for some fun ideas on how to combine the two. It's entitled Chocolate Covered Carrots!

43. On a really hot day, go to the dollar movies and enjoy the air conditioning!

44. Learn how to French braid.

45. BE a mentor!

46. Check out the website
www.sporcle.com. See how quickly you can fill in the 50 states.

47. Learn jump roping tricks. Find jump roping videos on the internet to give you inspiration. It's AMAZING what people can do with a jump rope!

48. Do some crazy fun science experiments (explosions, etc) with your parent's permission of course. http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts.html

49. Learn how to make pickles. Did you know they come from cucumbers? Funny, huh? Since most kids LOVE pickles... but cucumbers, not so much. http://picklethis.com

50. Blow bubbles with bubble gum--gigantic, wonderful, BIG pink bubbles. Have blowing contests with your siblings.
Throw the gum away responsibly when you're done.

51. Swing on a tire swing or a rope swing. Don't have one?
Make a tire swing or Make a rope swing.

52. Fix your bike... spruce it up... and ride with friends.

53. Learn how to do the backstroke.

54. Run through the sprinklers
—this never gets old!

55. Make "custom" koolaid by mixing flavors. Make multiple pitchers so you don't waste the koolaid.

56. Develop your own superhero.

57. Have a water balloon fight with your siblings. But don't get mad when you get wet.

58. Go someplace you've never gone before. It can be a park, a store down the street... pick a place and go (let your parents know where you're going).

59. Make a new friend. Reach out to someone who has just moved into your neighborhood or to someone that maybe doesn't have a lot of friends. They might end up being your best buddy.

60. Give your grandparents a big hug for no reason!

61. Take an etiquette class
. Learn when to use specific forks and how to be polite at all times.

62. Learn the physics of skateboarding.

63. Barter your services. Want to ride a horse? Offer to clean out stalls in return for riding time. Want to take guitar lessons? Offer to mow the instructor's lawn in return for lessons. Get your parent's permission and then make sure you follow through on your end.

64. Think about what you want to be when you grow up and find out what type of education is required. Go online and determine the demand for that field and the starting salary. Some adults do what they love regardless of the compensation, others go into a field because of its high pay.

65. Go to the drive-in movies with your family. Drive-ins are disappearing. Enjoy them while you can.

66. Learn how to do a cartwheel.

67. Celebrate June 21 Summer Solstice by playing songs with the word summer in them. http://oldschool.tblog.com/post/1970011044

68. Go to a garage sale... or two... or three. They're great fun.