69. Exercise in the pool. It's so much easier than on dry land—and more enjoyable too.

70. Clean your room for absolutely no reason, other than to surprise your Mom.

71. Play hide and go seek—in the DARK! Turn off all the lights in the house... and play for hours. Warning—this can get a bit raucous. Parental permission required.

72. Learn how things work. Explanations of how gps and the fax machine work are scheduled in the Homeschool.com news. Every month, we are going to explain how one piece of technology works. You can find out how just about anything works by going to www.howstuffworks.com.

73. Try a food you've never tasted before. Come on... take a bite!

74. Dream big!

75. Check out the website
www.freerice.com. Learn and help people at the same time.

76. With your parent's permission, have a yard sale and donate the proceeds to charity.

77. Learn to whistle.

78. Understand the science behind fireworks. http://www.howstuffworks.com/fireworks.htm

79. Build a time capsule.

80. Make a bird feeder out of a used milk container. Learn what kinds of seeds will attract the birds you want (make sure there are lots of dark sunflower seeds in the mix).

81. Write a play and act it out.

82. Start a collection. What do you like? Rocks, stamps, figurines?

83. Go a day without phone calls, texts, tv, radio or computers. This might be difficult!

84. Make banana splits.

85. Make a terrarium. http://www.stormthecastle.com/terrarium

86. Devise a fire plan for your home.

87. Become a tourist in your own town. What do tourists see when visiting your area? Have you seen these same attractions?

88. Make up with someone. Go ahead, end the feud!

89. Make a bucket list of things you want to do before you are 12, 16, and 18. Share this with your parents. See how you can start crossing things off your list.