Spiritual Preparation for the Battlefield

My husband and I continue to prayerfully lay Andrew’s future before God and seek wisdom in preparing his soul for a life lived on a battlefield. In a spiritual sense, all Christian parents must prepare their children for war. I have taught Andrew to place more faith in God’s ability than in the military weapons and training. When his back is against the wall, when there seems to be no way, when the odds are completely against him, I want him to recall that he serves a Mighty Warrior God who will move the mountains, guide him, and never leave him. I want my son to be strong enough in character to do what is right in the sight of God, even if it is not what others choose to do. 

I am honored, but tearful, when I consider that God chose my son to serve in this way. Just a few weeks ago, Andrew explained to me: “I don’t want people to hurt. I know I am prepared to be able to take the hurt for them. In a way, like Jesus took our suffering on the cross, I want to help people to not suffer.” My understanding of my son’s calling became clear, and I will always ponder this in my heart.

Lindy Abbott is a passionate follower of Jesus with a strong understanding of the Biblical, Christian worldview. She is a certified teacher and a homeschool mom of three teens. From childhood, she discovered writing as her way to express what she felt and learned. Lindy is a published author, freelance writer, editor of a homeschool newsletter, and avid blogger. Read her regular posts here.

Publication date: August 29, 2012