When I’m unsure of the direction I should allow them to go, I’m learning to pray for guidance and ask some questions: What’s the attitude of my kid’s heart? Does she love Jesus? Is his request born out of rebellion or self-expression? Is there anything immoral or dangerous in the desire? Sometimes there are reasons to say no, but often I should say yes, and allow my children to develop as individuals who seek God’s leading, not just as kids who fit a sub-culture.

These days, I am amazed by the ramifications of that innocent prayer I prayed back in the days of cherub faces, play dates, and ABC’s. I wonder what God will do with these almost adults who possess such inner strength and unique, strong personalities. Are they meant to fight spiritual battles I’ve not yet experienced? To follow God to unknown places I’ve never been? To stand firm and be unique in a world that doesn’t know Jesus?

When God reminded me of the cookie cutter prayer I’d prayed when the children were little, He assured me He’s answering it. I won’t have cookie cutter kids. That makes my knees knock! But it also makes me excited to see all they will become and how the Lord will use them to reveal Himself to our world.

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