•   Photography: Give a child a disposable camera, and you’ll be amazed at the photos they take! The things that are important to them, and the three-to-four foot height from which they take pictures, provide a different perspective on life than my adult eyes can see. Use a camera as an opportunity to teach your children about light and shadows, composition, subject matter, perspective, and point of view. Once the photos are developed, hang them up in their bedrooms or use them in scrapbooks.

     •   Scrapbooking and Paper Arts: The recent boom in the arts of scrapbooking and handmade cards are an excellent opportunity for lessons in texture, the color wheel, layout, and proportion. Classes and materials are available in most areas through paper supply stores, independent sales representatives, and even public libraries. Preserving memories is definitely a useful applied art. Its extension into homeschooling, called notebooking or lapbooking, is also a useful way for children to track their own learning in a beautiful, artistic way.

As I look back over our past seven years of art instruction, I’m pleased to reflect on our artistic growth and the many beautiful pieces we’ve managed to create. God has definitely shown Himself strong where I am weak. As the mother and “art teacher,” I’m no longer intimidated to try to express myself artistically, whether I’m using a crayon or acrylic paints. And as image-bearers of the heavenly Father, the Creator, may my children and I join with generations of God-followers who have created beautiful things to the glory of God. 

Matthew and Melanie Hexter are blessed with five children whom they thoroughly enjoy. They live in Howard, Ohio, where the four seasons provide a changing backdrop of beautiful scenes. Melanie does most of the teaching, including art, but fortunately Matthew is more than capable in two other fearful areas: music and computers.

This article was originally published in the May/June 2008 issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. Visit http://HomeSchoolEnrichment.com to request a FREE sample issue today!