But God, in His marvelous grace, did reconcile the entire family. You can read the whole, unadulterated story of this family of old in Genesis 24-50. It is really God's redeeming story. He alone is the Hero! He transformed the parents, Isaac and Rebekah, as well as their twins, Esau and Jacob, and made all of them His own trophies of grace. Yes, it is true that many years of pain and agony passed within this dysfunctional family before God healed their severed relationships. But heal them He did. The parents lived to ripe old ages. Together the twins buried each of them. God prospered both of the twins all the way into their own ripe old ages. Their own children became prominent members of their respective communities.

But, in the end, one thing is for sure. This whole marriage and family business would have gone so much better if it had been a walk with God rather than a marriage on the run! It's so much better to experience God's gracious love than His corrective discipline.

In light of God's story of this marriage on the run, prayerfully consider the following questions:

1. In the last six months, has your marriage been a walk with God or a marriage on the run? It's easy to check out: How many times have you compromised the truth of God for the lies of the world? Have you experienced more of the love of God or the discipline of God?

2. In the next six months, how can you transform your marriage into a walk with God rather than a marriage on the run? Be specific. Why not talk to God about this kind of transformation. For, in the end, He is the only one who can transform your marriage.

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