That’s what Paul and Susan are finding.

Today Susan comes home from the grocery store and finds Paul at the kitchen table. Paul says, “Honey, God is really answering our prayers.”

“How so?” she asks, setting two plastic bags on the counter.

“Well, you know that company I interviewed with last week? They just called and they want a second interview.”

“That’s wonderful,” Susan says. “When is it?”

“Actually, it’s tomorrow.”

“Is there anything I can do to help you get ready tonight?”

“Just pray for me.”

“Oh, Honey, I am! And I will be.”

Paul says, “I just have to get this job. I just want to be working again.”

Susan reaches down and rubs his neck. The muscles feel tense, so she keeps rubbing. “I know,” she says softly. “I know.”

Excerpted from The First Five Years of Marriage (Tyndale House Publishers.). Copyright (c) 2006 by Focus on the Family. General Editors: Phillip J. Swihart, Ph.D. and Wilford Wooten, L.M.F.T. All rights reserved. Used with permission.