A friend of mine and fellow psychiatrist puts it this way:  “I work to create my marriage every day.”

There are many different ways this plays out, and your marriage will be unique.  That’s the beauty of it.

I’ve found that within my own marriage, the way that I give and fill my spouse’s life changes as the seasons of our lives change.

I am not saying that I have this all nailed down – I definitely do not!

But knowing what God’s mission is for my marriage makes a big difference in how I approach it.

Not on my own strength, but instead fueled by Christ’s love for me.

It’s a lifelong process and journey, but through God’s grace, every day I am able to take a step forward.

And so can you!

Question: What Marriage Messages have you heard?  Which do you find yourself following?


The best way we learn is from each other.  You have a unique wisdom and insight that can truly bless others.  So jump in and add your voice!

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Publication date: July 9, 2012