Key Quote: “If you think there is only one person out there who is the right one for you, you are vulnerable to marry when you think you have found that person. There is much evidence that there are likely many people in the world who would make an acceptable mate for you. The risk of thinking otherwise is that when you believe you have found ‘the one,’ you abandon all sensibility and are driven to marry that person…”

Reader Comment:  “... I believe God gave me the one for me! I think the danger isn't in believ[ing] that only one exists for you, but in how we go about that, what we sacrifice to find that, and if we let it jeopardize our relationship with Christ in order to fulfill that desire.” ~ cinderella092003

10. The Lost Girls by A.J. Kiesling

Abstract: At the singles functions I’ve attended, I can’t help but notice how many attractive women mill around, trying to be sociable, likable, and noticed.  So with so many single men out there, why are so many Christian women growing old alone?

Key Quote: “[Jillian] Straus concludes that it isn’t anyone’s imagination; it is harder to find lasting love in today’s culture, and she identifies seven ‘evil influences’ that have changed us from the inside out: 1) a self-serving ‘what’s-in-it-for-me?’ culture, 2) a multiple choice culture, 3) the effect of divorce, 4) the feminism fallout, 5) a ‘why suffer?’ mentality, 6) the celebrity standard, and 7) delayed marriage.”

Reader Comment: “In response to the Lost Girls article I would first like to say thank you for bringing this sensitive subject to the forefront. Unfortunately I cannot agree with your opinion regarding on-line dating. It is unfortunate that we as Christian women have been programmed to look for Prince Charming to ride up on a white stallion, sweep us off our feet and ride off into the sunset. The reality is people meet each other in various avenues of life. I used to think online dating was ‘unromantic’ and unsafe, but, after being single for most of my adult life I realized that I was limiting myself by a fantasy that is not biblical. Once I became open and receptive to meet ‘the one’ through any avenue that God chooses, I met and married my husband...” ~ adivarev