Be faithful. Understand that faithfulness in marriage means more than just avoiding an affair. It means being faithful in mind, body, and soul. Ask God to help you be satisfied with your husband and captivated by his love rather than comparing him to other men. Guard your eyes and heart by refusing to watch sleazy TV shows or engage in other media that desensitizes you to sin. Dress modestly. When you experience sinful thoughts, ask the Holy Spirit to renew your mind. Run from temptation by getting off the phone; out of the room or car; or even finding a new job, church, or circle of friends – whatever is necessary to avoid making wrong choices. Make time regularly to have fun with your husband. Cover your marriage in prayer.

Build a welcoming home. Work with your husband to divide the household chores fairly. Pray about what’s best for you both, considering each other’s different schedules and abilities. Do your best to fulfill your household responsibilities well and help create a home you both can enjoy and share with others through hospitality.

Manage money wisely. Follow biblical principles of giving, saving, spending, and investing. Think and pray about a clear budget and establish one together. Avoid debt and live within your means. Be thankful for what you have and ask God to help you be content.

Adapted from From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife, copyright 2006 by Marla Taviano. Published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Or.,

Marla Taviano has a passion for writing and reaching young women with God’s truth. She has written four books for McGraw-Hill, America’s leading educational publisher. She and her husband, Gabe, have two preschool daughters.