"Don't worry, your schedule has already been cleared for the whole day. Now today is all about you and the things you like to do but don't take the time to do anymore."

After breakfast in bed, they got dressed and headed for the golf course. Rebecca had reserved tee times for them as a couple. Josh was great at golf but didn't get to play much anymore because of his schedule. And Rebecca was a horrible novice. So playing all 18 holes together took a lot of extra time. They laughed together as Rebecca made her own pars--especially when Rebecca noted, "Hmmm, this looks like a par 13 hole." But they had a great time together despite the mismatch in athletic skills.

Throughout the day, Rebecca handed Josh a new Hallmark card with a personalized message of love every couple of hours.

Next, they headed for Barnes & Noble bookstore. Rebecca knew that Josh enjoyed reading but he hadn't had time to read a book for pleasure in months.

After reading for a while, they went to a salon for another one of his favorites—to get his hair cut and styled. Rebecca loved teasing him because it's kind of a "girlie" thing to love. But Josh was manly enough to admit it.

Then Rebecca took Josh out to eat at a new restaurant they'd never been to before. They both enjoyed dining out and trying new things together.

Finally, Rebecca was ready to present the grand finale. Sports had been a big pastime for the Loveless family. But until she started dating Josh, Rebecca had had very little exposure to sports herself. Going to a Dallas Cowboys football game, Josh's all-time favorite team, wasn't an option. But Rebecca had secured two tickets to the Orlando Magic basketball game. She even spent time reading up about basketball so she could surprise her husband and intelligently interact with him at the game. The tickets were in the nosebleed section, but they both enjoyed watching the games as a couple as Rebecca screamed and cheered. They even bought peanuts and threw them on the ground for fun.

Josh was totally blown away. He had been operating at such an overdrive pace that he didn't realize how much he needed that time of refreshment until Rebecca creatively helped him take a long-overdue break. Shortly after Rebecca's extraordinary and thoughtful gift to Josh, Josh's dad became sick after the Saturday night church service. By Sunday morning, it was obvious that David still wasn't in any condition to preach at our large Sunday services. With only a couple of hours of preparation, Josh did a phenomenal job substituting for his dad. As one of the illustrations, Josh shared the story of how Rebecca's love and thoughtfulness of Husband Day had reenergized him for all that God has called him to be.

Husband Day is an annual event every March 22 in the Loveless home. In fact Josh looks forward to Husband Day more than to his birthday, Christmas and anniversary combined! Each year Rebecca plans new things. One year, Rebecca surprised him by waking him up early one morning with a Husband Weekend in New York City! Other favorites have been a Cubs baseball game in Chicago, couples' massages at the Ritz and studio time for him to professionally write and record music.

One of the great challenges of Husband Day is that Rebecca always pays for Husband Day with cash she's saved in creative ways. She tries to find ways to save money without Josh knowing about it. She literally spends less at the grocery store and skips eating lunch out with friends and stashes the cash in a hiding place throughout the year. But Rebecca told me that it feels great to give Josh this gift each year, knowing that he doesn't need to worry about the finances.

It's easy to think of "love" as a noun. But authentic love goes beyond mere words; it's an action verb. True love looks for needs and selflessly steps in to fill the gaps without being asked, no matter what day of the year it is. Isn't it more meaningful when we give our love freely throughout the year, instead of waiting for one day when we're "expected" to be romantic? It doesn't have to be something big. You can put legs to your love through simple things like creating a date night with activities that aren't your favorite but you know your loved one enjoys; giving him a massage when he comes home from work stressed; pitching in to do one of his most hated chores and leaving a love note instead; or by surprising your love with a romantic picnic and a heartfelt note, noting everything you appreciate about him.