A married couple gives a severe blow to the head of that ancient serpent when they aim to give as much sexual satisfaction to each other as possible. Is it not a mark of amazing grace that on top of all the pleasure that the sexual side of marriage brings, it also proves to be a fearsome weapon against our ancient foe?...

Marriage at its exquisite peak of pleasure speaks powerfully the truth of covenant- keeping love between Christ and his church. And that love is the most powerful force in the world.—John Piper

No wonder Christian couples are confused! Who speaks for God—the religious leaders and institutions that imply that sexual passion is a sin or those who say sexual intimacy between a husband and wife is blessed and holy?

It comes down to this: if we listen to the opinions of man (and woman), we will be confused. If we truly want to know God’s opinion about sex, then we must listen to God Himself. Where do we find God’s true opinion? Only in His Word. So open your Bible. Open wide your heart. Fling open your spiritual eyes and uncover your spiritual ears and turn your thinking upside down.

God’s teaching on sex begins in the first few pages of the Bible. In Genesis we read that God created sexual intimacy for Adam and Eve. You already know that one of the reasons God gave the gift of sex was so that Adam and Eve could fulfill God’s command “to multiply,” so we won’t spend time talking about “birthing babies.” But there are less obvious reasons why He gave the gift of sex; these reasons reveal His opinions about sex. Explore three intimacy gifts hidden in the pages of scripture that the Lord longs for you to open:

  • The Gift of intimate Knowing
  • The Gift of Holy intimacy
  • The Gift of exquisite Pleasure

Each of these gifts will encourage you to grow in deeper intimacy with your husband. Each of these gifts will reveal God’s clear and distinct opinions about sex. So get ready because you are in for fun and maybe a surprise or two!

Where Did You Get Your Opinion About Sex?

What has formed your sexual perspective? Your sexual mindset has been affected by the positive and negative messages passed down through the centuries. All you have seen and heard during your growing up years—every right choice about your sexuality and every wrong choice. any evil done to you has deeply impacted you.

As we have the privilege to travel around the world speaking to wives about sex, we see confusion—mass confusion—among God’s women. They look at the world’s distortion of sex: the exploitation of the female body and the vulgarity of how sex is portrayed. Some women respond to this by thinking, “I don’t want to have anything to do with sex. it’s just disgusting!” Yet this attitude is just as wrong as the world’s.

Where did we get our sexual mindsets? Where did you get yours? And what is a mindset anyway? “A mindset is a collection of individual thoughts that over a period of time influence the way we perceive life.”

Today is a day for you to reflect with your God. Find a half hour alone (this is hard but possible) and ask God to give you His wisdom in answering the following questions.

(As you begin your special time alone with God, will you pray?)

God, I know I have some wrong thoughts in my mind about sex. Today I’m asking You for answers. Will You please help me see where these wrong thoughts came from and show me how to unravel the mixed-up sexual thoughts in my mind? I know I need to understand this to get to Your opinion about sex.

1.What did you learn about sexual intimacy in your home?

2.What did you learn from friends, movies, and TV?