Prepare well for your honeymoon. Make travel plans with your fiancé and enjoy looking forward to experiencing your upcoming trip together. Be sure to visit a doctor for a thorough checkup before your honeymoon, and have your fiancé do the same. Keep your honeymoon expectations realistic, considering that you’ll just have come through a very stressful season leading up to your wedding and you’ll need to rest both physically and emotionally. Be patient with each other.

Deal with doubts wisely. Know that wedding jitters are normal to experience. Deal with your fear of losing your independence by maintaining old friendships and activities that are important to you. Remember that, while some things in your life will change, some things can stay the same. If you’re plagued with more serious doubts, face them honestly. Pray about them, and seek feedback from trusted family and friends. Don’t go through with your wedding just to try to avoid the pain and embarrassment of canceling it. If you’re not at peace, look beyond to the wedding to the potential marriage and consider your situation from a long-term perspective. If you can’t truly work through the issues standing in the way of your peace, go ahead and cancel your wedding to save yourself future misery. Send out a simple note to your guests simply informing them that your wedding won’t take place, and don’t feel the need to explain why. If you don’t have enough time to send a note, ask family and friends to help you call your guests to inform them, again without having to give a reason behind your decision. Be sure to return all the gifts you’ve already received.

Keep the focus on worship. Remember that your wedding ceremony is also a worship ceremony. Design it so that it sends the right message about you and your fiancé’s faith in Christ. Make your primary goal to express your eternal covenant with God and each other. Incorporate symbols that illustrate the meaning behind your vows, such as a unity candle lighting. Be sure that your vows fully express the promises you want to make to God and each other, that they reflect what each of you expects from marriage, and that they’re consistent with biblical doctrine. Practice saying your vows before the ceremony, so you’ll be confident saying them during your wedding.

Adapted from A Simple Wedding, by Sharon Hanby-Robie, copyright 2007 by GuidepostsBooks.  Published by GuidepostsBooks, New York, N.Y.,    

Sharon Hanby-Robie is an acclaimed interior design professional and the author of several books, including My Name Isn’t Martha, But I Can Decorate My Home and My Name Isn’t Martha, But I Can Renovate My Home (Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster, 1998 and 1999) and Beautiful Places, Spiritual Spaces (Moody Publishing, 2004). Sharon is the resident home décor expert for QVC Home Shopping Network. She has been featured extensively as an industry expert for both radio and television programs, appearing on The Today Show, PBS’s Handy Ma’am, HGTV’s Decorating with Style and Interiors by Design as well as The Maurey Povich Show and The Gale King Show. Visit Sharon’s website at