CW:  Well, it's basic, but it takes time and practice sometimes to figure that out.   

AK:  Right.   

CW:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers that we haven't covered?   

AK:  We are excited, because after the response to the The Love Dare, there were so many couples that would say, "All right, we did the 40 days, and we could certainly do the 40 days again, but just do another tool to go further using these same principles."  So, Stephen and I are working on a follow-up book that is a devotional over 365 days using the principles of The Love Dare.  In this book, we will give weekly dares, because 365 dares is a little overwhelming.  So, we are doing 52, but you will see the principles from The Love Dare in this one, but one page a day.  It's for couples to read and go through and apply together.  We are very excited about it.  So, we are halfway through writing that right now.  Just like The Love Dare, the Lord works on us as we are writing it and works on our own marriages.  So, it's exciting.   

That will come out Christmas I think:  The Love Dare Day by Day.

CW:  Fantastic.  Now, I'm going to ask you, but you don't have to answer. Do you guys have any more movies on the way?   

AK:  We do, we do.  Well, we are not quite ready to reveal that yet.   


CW:  Okay!   

AK:  As a matter of fact, a week ago, we were in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and the pastor and executive pastor and Stephen and I went up there just to pray, seek the Lord, and I had a thing that I've been praying through for a while, and I presented it, and everybody was thumbs up on it.  So, as we prayed, we all felt at peace about it.  So, Stephen and I will write the script this fall and go into production next year.  We are very excited about that.  We feel again like it's totally directed, the theme and the plot, by the Lord.   

We do not make movies for entertainment.  We hope that they are entertaining.  That's not the reason we make them.  We want to make movies to change culture and to draw people to a relationship with the Lord.  We are very excited about doing that.  We are finishing up this book, and then we are going into the fourth movie.  Then, we actually have another book - The Love Dare for Parents - that will come out a year and a half from now.   

CW:  That's wonderful! It's been geat talking with you.

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